Get Him Back – Will He Ever Call Me Again?

Are you and your ex broken up and you wish that there was a way to get him to change his mind and take you back? Do you wish that you knew what to do to get him to call and open the lines of communication again so you could discuss everything that has gone on and talk through your problems? Do you sit and wait by the phone wondering if he will ever call again? Do you dream of being in his arms again and wish that you could just go to sleep and wake up to find that this was all a bad dream?

The truth is that often a guy will call his ex to test the waters and check on his ex when he’s having a weak moment. This isn’t unusual at all and it is something that you should be prepared for if you really do want to get your ex back. There are ways to get him interested again and make him pick up that phone and dial your number though.

It might be very tempting just to sit there by that phone and wait for him to call and then proclaim your undying love once he does call. You might even think that you can seduce him back or become friends first as a way to get him to fall in love with you again. Or maybe you could get him to agree to meet and talk with you about the breakup and what you can do to get back together again.

All of these are huge mistakes and each and every one will no doubt kill your chances of getting him back any time soon. Each and every one of the above suggestions will only push him further away and cause him to become more sure in his decision to dump you in the first place. This is why it is important to know what to say and what to do to not only get him to call in the first place but what to say and do once the lines of communication are open again.

Even thought I probably don’t have to remind you, guys work just a little bit differently than women. They are wired differently and different things will cause a guy to change his mind if you know what to say and do to cause him to second guess his decision to break up with you. Once you understand male psychology and how to bring about the change of heart that you are hoping for it is actually very easy to get your ex back. Actually, you won’t have to do anything at all because he’ll be the one begging you for a second chance, guaranteed!

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